Where are you located?  Where and how do you ship?

We are based in Miami, FL and all our toys are produced locally.  Currently we ship to the Lower 48 states and standard UPS Ground shipping is free with your order.  Contact us directly if you need something expedited.

What materials are your toys made from?  Is it safe?  Is it sustainable?

Our rocking toys are made from Plyboo, a beautiful bamboo plywood.  It comes from the leader in the industry, Smith & Fong, based in San Francisco and in business since 1989.  Their proprietary soy-based adhesive process and responsible sourcing methods allow us to offer you a FSC-Certified bamboo rocking toy that looks great, is incredibly durable and is 100% chemical free and bio-degradable.  Please visit their website for more information at plyboo.com.

What are your toys finished with?  How should I care for my Wee Rock Toy? 

We finish our toys with Butcher Block Conditioner from Howard Products.  It's a great finish for you because it makes the bamboo plywood look stunning and it's 100% food-safe.  Your toy may begin to get dirty over time with use.  We find the best cleaning method is to take a cotton cloth and use some of the conditioner to rub out the dirt.  As a bonus, you will be refinishing the toy at the same time.  You can find Howard Products Butcher Block Conditioner in almost any home center.  You should make it a habit to re-apply the conditioner every few months anyway to keep it looking its best.  

Your toys ship flat-packed.  Will I be hunched over for hours assembling it?

No.  There are only 6 parts and there is no small hardware to lose.  It may be tempting to assemble such a seemingly simple toy without looking at the instructions, but please don't.  If you follow our instructions you should be able to assemble your toy within 5 minutes.  Here, go ahead and look at the assembly guide yourself. 

How big are your toys?

Although they are all different animals, all of our current rocking toys have the same critical dimensions.  The seat is 13" off the ground and the assembled toy covers an area approximately 13" wide by 33" long.  Don't forget though that they can be easily disassembled and stored under the bed or in a closet for those times in-between the grandkids visits.

Do your rocking toys have a weight limit?  What is the best age range for them?

The short answer is no.  We have stood on these and we regularly ride them for serious grown-up testing purposes.  The long answer is that in accordance with new 2008 legislation our toys have been tested for mechanical strength and flammability under the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) guidelines as detailed in the ASTM standard F963-11.  As for the age range, we find that 18-48 months seems to be the correct age range.  Obviously children will vary in size and don't forget that there's no reason a Wee Rock Toy can't just sit in the nursery looking pretty and impressing the neighbors until your child is old enough to use it.